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Invisalign® and Other Options for Clear Braces in Salt Lake City 

Those with active social lives and careers may not wish to have braces put on their teeth. Holladay Orthodontics offers a range clear braces and cosmetic options to straighten teeth without severely impacting how your smile looks. Our board-certified orthodontist, Blake Hillstead, DDS, DHSc, is an expert when it comes to braces and ensures you receive the right treatment for your oral health and aesthetic goals. Visit our orthodontic office in Salt Lake City for personalized clear braces appliances. Call us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Your Cosmetic Braces Treatment Options

Dr. Hillstead offers several treatment options that have minimal impact on the appearance of your teeth. These are sourced from name brands that our orthodontist trusts to deliver effective and personalized treatment. When you visit Holladay Orthodontics, your braces options include:

The In-Ovation® C and Damon Clear brackets are lingual brackets that combine modern treatment methods with aesthetic design. The lingual appliance allows pressure to be distributed in a controlled manner to each tooth, possibly enhancing comfort and making alignment more efficient. These reduce the visibility of your orthodontic treatment, granting self-confidence while aligning your teeth and jaw. Lingual braces make use of a smaller wire and don’t include conspicuous colored rubber bands. Available for patients of all ages, In-Ovation and Damon brackets from Holladay Orthodontics are subtler than traditional appliances. 

Invisalign Clear Braces® are innovative and nearly invisible. Instead of traditional braces technology, Invisalign treatment utilizes clear plastic trays to shift teeth into position. These are custom-molded to your smile and help your teeth shift gently. Convenient and proven, many teens and adults enjoy the simpler treatment process and the freedom to eat as they like. Since they are removable, wearers do not have to change their diet but do have to keep a hygiene regimen. 
This cosmetic option is not for everyone, as patients must be committed to wearing aligners for at least 22 hours a day, and be diligent in changing them out when new trays are necessary. Dr. Hillstead is an Invisalign Preferred Provider, proving his experience with this transformative product. Our Salt Lake City office has many Invisalign clear braces options besides the original product, including: 

Invisalign® Teen: These offer teenagers unique benefits when receiving orthodontic care. The material used in the teen product tracks if aligners have been worn for the proper amount of time. This option can be easier for active teenagers, avoiding damages that normal braces would sustain. 

Invisalign® Express: This product is designed to straighten teeth that have minimal alignment issues, generally completing treatment time in around six months. 

Invisalign® Lite: A step up from the Express form, Invisalign Lite corrects minor to moderate malocclusion in about seven months. This time frame may be extended depending on how your smile responds to care. 

Dr. Hillstead supports your success with orthodontic treatment no matter which is best for you. Our team believes in providing quality care to all patients, our goal is the full and complete adjustment of your teeth. To see which cosmetic braces treatment method is best suited to your orthodontic needs, give us a call! 



Dr Hillstead and his staff are by far the best around. They are friendly and explained all of the available options. The office is clean and conveniently located. They use the latest technology and treat you right. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Brett F.

My experience with Holladay Orthodontics was excellent! The staff were very kind and friendly. Dr. Broadwater did a great job in straightening my teeth. I would highly recommend Holladay Orthodontics

Katie S.

We love staff and Dr. Broadwater. They were always willing to work with us and our needs. My daughter's smile turned out amazing. It was really easy for my daughter to get appointments on her own. They were always prompt when we arrived for our appointments. We were never there longer than we expected to be. Fun incentives, and we enjoyed the Christmas movie for Patient Appreciation Day.

Alexa O.

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