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Children’s Orthodontics – Peter M. Vrontikis, DDS, MS – Salt Lake City, UT

A beautiful smile isn’t made when you reach adulthood, it begins when you are young. A developing smile requires direction and treatment, especially when the teeth aren’t growing in properly. Peter Vrontikis, DDS, MS, is a board-certified orthodontist who provides dedicated orthodontic care for children and teens. With a full range of orthodontic solutions, the alignment of your child’s teeth and bite are in good hands.

We see children as young as seven for their first consultation and develop braces treatments for teens. Visit our practice in Salt Lake City on the corner of E. Murray Holladay Rd. and Viewmont St. or call us at (801) 278-7272, to schedule an appointment. 

Helping your Child’s Smile 

Beginning with an initial consultation at the age of seven, Dr. Vrontikis diagnoses the orthodontic needs of all children. Some children require interceptive or phase one care, which preemptively corrects malocclusion. Not all children need an initial treatment, and to prevent any surprises, Dr. Vrontikis will observe how their smile develops on an annual basis. Our team wants to ensure the adult teeth have enough space to grow without affecting dental health and aesthetics. We also wish to help kids be confident in their smile during their formative years. It’s our passion to help children who don’t like to smile, to smile again. 

Interceptive (Phase One) Orthodontic Treatment

We help children obtain beautiful and straight teeth using appliances and personalized treatment plans that address their orthodontic issues. These include crowding, small jaws, and bite alignment which impact the overall standing of their oral health. Multiple factors affect the growth of adult teeth, including habits such as thumb-sucking, pacifier use, and nutrition, but some are genetic and cannot be controlled. 

Dr. Hillstead corrects these issues with treatments tailored to each patients’ specific concerns. It is his goal to treat them effectively, reducing the overall time required for care. A successful interceptive treatment will result in improved teeth and jaw alignment and may negate the need for a second round of braces. With a range of solutions, patients may obtain comprehensive orthodontic care. 

Limited Braces
Habit Appliances 

Comprehensive Orthodontics

For children who are approaching their teens, traditional orthodontics is the best solution for them. Full braces treatment may take up to 24 months, and we supply multiple options for orthodontic improvement. Our modern materials offer customized care and efficient alignment for effective occlusal alignment. Besides traditional brackets and wires, Dr. Vrontikis offers ceramic materials which look much more appealing. Those who have minor to moderate orthodontic problems may be candidates for Invisalign® clear braces but may be best for teens who are diligent and disciplined. 

Contact Dr. Vrontikis for Orthodontic Care, Today!

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our expert orthodontist. Dr. Vrontikis is experienced with helping children feel comfortable while receiving treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 



Dr Hillstead and his staff are by far the best around. They are friendly and explained all of the available options. The office is clean and conveniently located. They use the latest technology and treat you right. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Brett F.

My experience with Holladay Orthodontics was excellent! The staff were very kind and friendly. Dr. Broadwater did a great job in straightening my teeth. I would highly recommend Holladay Orthodontics

Katie S.

We love staff and Dr. Broadwater. They were always willing to work with us and our needs. My daughter's smile turned out amazing. It was really easy for my daughter to get appointments on her own. They were always prompt when we arrived for our appointments. We were never there longer than we expected to be. Fun incentives, and we enjoyed the Christmas movie for Patient Appreciation Day.

Alexa O.

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