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Adult Orthodontics- Salt Lake City, Utah

Your everyday life shouldn’t consist of worrying about the appearance of your smile due to crooked or gapped teeth. Our Salt Lake City orthodontist, Dr. Blake Hillstead, understands improving the alignment of your teeth not only restores the aesthetic of your smile but your confidence as well. Holladay Orthodontics provides comprehensive orthodontic treatments for adults located in Salt Lake City, or its surrounding areas such as Holladay, Murray, or Cottonwood Heights.

Great Results for Severe Cases

With so many options to correct alignment, it can be hard to determine which method will work for you. If you are suffering from severe malocclusion and require extensive orthodontic work, traditional metal wire braces are typically the best treatment plan. However, if you are concerned about the aesthetics of your smile, Holladay Orthodontics offers ceramic, or clear, brackets as an option.

Ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires are crafted from durable materials and offer the same results as traditional metal braces. They are matched to the shade of your natural teeth, so they appear less noticeable.

An Appealing Smile for Minor to Moderate Cases

If you are looking to correct minor misalignment issues or gaps, there are orthodontic options available to give you the aesthetically pleasing results you desire such as:

Invisalign® clear braces, also known as clear braces, are fabricated with invisible high-quality plastic to subtly shift your teeth. They are customized to the unique contours of your smile so many do not notice you are even receiving orthodontic treatment. 

Permanent retainers, unlike their removable versions, are bonded to the back of the six middle teeth of your upper or lower arches. They provide long-term stability and maintain the straightness of your teeth, however, they should only be removed by a dental professional. 

Why Should Adults Have Braces?

Straight teeth not only benefit the appeal of your smile but its function and maintenance.  As we age, our teeth become more susceptible to wear and tear. An aligned bite ensures that your smile does not get worn down prematurely. Malocclusion also makes you prone to TMD problems such as lockjaw, headaches, and damaged teeth. If you need cosmetic or restorative work done in the future, orthodontic treatment provides the proper alignment for receiving implants and veneers. 

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For more information on your orthodontic options, or if you want to determine which treatment method is best for you to call our Salt Lake City orthodontic practice! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hillstead to ensure you get the aesthetic smile you desire.


Dr Hillstead and his staff are by far the best around. They are friendly and explained all of the available options. The office is clean and conveniently located. They use the latest technology and treat you right. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Brett F.

My experience with Holladay Orthodontics was excellent! The staff were very kind and friendly. Dr. Broadwater did a great job in straightening my teeth. I would highly recommend Holladay Orthodontics

Katie S.

We love staff and Dr. Broadwater. They were always willing to work with us and our needs. My daughter's smile turned out amazing. It was really easy for my daughter to get appointments on her own. They were always prompt when we arrived for our appointments. We were never there longer than we expected to be. Fun incentives, and we enjoyed the Christmas movie for Patient Appreciation Day.

Alexa O.

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